One can complete their purchase at either of our premises, online via the website and leading retail outlets countrywide.

  • Yes we do. We offer countrywide delivery.

    Our delivery rates are displayed at the tail-end of the check out process with amounts calculated against product weight and respective destination zone.

Your order is fulfilled and dispatched within one business day from acceptance and confirmation. Transit time is same day within Kampala, Wakiso, mukono, mpigi & all central Region

For orders outside Central Regions, the time taken for our product to reach you, may vary depending on the location and available courier services.

YES, You can pay by Cash or Mobile Money Upon Receiving the Ordered item

If your product was damaged in transit, call or write to us to report.

Check if the light comes on when you open the fridge door
check plug point
change plug to another socket
check if other electrical devices works when connected to the same power point
If all of the above has been checked please contact service centre on 0754116825

  • Adjust the thermostat
  • listen if you can hear the sound of the compressor running
  • listen if you can hear the compressor starting and stopping continuously.
  • Adjust the temperature to a lower setting
  • checked if the door is sealed
  • make sure there are no warm food items placed in the fridge

Readjust the temperature setting

  • ADH Uganda is committed to quality products.

    A product with a quality or operational defect that was purchased from ADH can be returned for technical examination within 7 days of purchase. We will repair the defective item at no charge.